How To Practice To Get Results

Proper range Practice

Are You Practicing The Right Way To Improve Your Swing?

Way too many of us go to the driving range, grab a large bucket of balls and hit the whole bucket without even concentrating on any swing improvement at all. We keep hitting balls with the same swing and try to compensate on each swing to adjust for the hook or the slice never really knowing what we really need to do to correct it and if we do know we are not concentrating on the correction to remedy it.

So, Here Are Some Tips To Push Your Practice Sessions To The Next Level.

1.  When you head out to the driving range have one specific thing that you are going to work on.

OK, so you know what changes you need to make in your swing and as usual there are a few but on this trip you will only choose one to work on and change that bad habit into a good habit. You will feel awkward at first, which is normal, but keep at it and soon it will feel normal. Maybe it will take 2 trips to the range but do not stop till you have changed that part of your swing. If it is changing your grip, check it before each swing till it comes natural to hold your club the new way. You will hit terrible shots and may not be much fun but correct your grip and then onward to the next change on your next trip to the range.

2. Have Micro Practice Sessions At Home.

Yes, you can practice many parts of your swing at home. As mentioned above, your grip and many other parts of the swing.  Address and Take away you can practice in your living room or garage. Same with putting. If you have a net you can work on all parts of your swing.

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